Urban education reforms--
Folks--if you check out the page on this wiki called "Economic Inequality," which is from my POLS 359 course in Spring 2015, you will see that Liqa Affaneh and Margaret Vesely did papers on inequality in education. Check out the links they posted on the wiki because it should give you a start on this topic -- ECM

This Bloomberg article is the latest on the budget crisis facing the Chicago Public School system. -- ECM 7/1/15

Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert explains in the video how our current structure of education and over medication often leaves kids creativity and ability of divergent thinking on the back burner. He claims not only standardize testing but the overall structure of public schooling needs reform. We have to get over idea of some people are academic (math and language arts) and non-academic and allow room in our schooling system for all to succeed and learn.